S Lazzaro Armeni

Armenian Exhibition at Museo Correr by Marco Secchi

On Wednesday is going to open at the Museo Correr - Museo Archeologico an Exhibition about "Armenia: Signs of Civilization" . The Exhibition has been organised by Gabriella Uluhogian, Boghos Levon Zekiyan e Vartan Karapetian and will show about 200 exhibits including some very rare ones! The exhibition will mark the fifth centenary of the first book printed in the Armenian language. This exhibition will act as the official launch of the jubilee celebrations taking place in the Armenian capital Yerevan, a UNESCO World Book Capital for 2012. The history of the island and of the Mekhitarists order in Venice is really interesting.I am really looking forward to go to the Press Preview but for the time being here is a photograph from S Lazzaro degli Armeni, one of my favourite islands of the all lagoon not only for its beauty and tranquillity but for special moments shared in fascinating and interesting conversation with Padre Elia.

VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 14: A general view of the cloister of the Monastery on the day  when a solemn Mass is held for the celebration of the Assumption at the Armenian monastery of San Lazzaro on August 14, 2011 in Venice, Italy. The Armenian Monastery is based on San Lazzaro which is a small island in the Venetian Lagoon lying immediately west of the Lido it is completely occupied by the monastery, founded around 1707, is the mother-house of the Mekhitarist Order, the island is one of the world's foremost centers of Armenian culture (Marco Secchi)