Venice Photo Walk

Photo Tours and Workshops in Venice

Let an Italian, English speaking, professional photographer walk you through Venice in an unforgettable Photo Walk, discovering the real and hidden Venice capturing real candid moments in beautiful pictures. Enjoy a relaxed walk, improve your photography skills and bring home remarkable pictures of your visit.

Discover The Real Venice


See Venice through a new lens on a guided photo walk.  Our  years of history with this unforgettable city have taught us all the hidden secrets and stunning sights that lie along the calli and bridges outside of the typical tourist routes. You will even see the most famous landmarks in a new light as we guide you to the best vantage points and show you subtle details that only a Venetian would know.


Whether you're an experienced photographer or just getting into the hobby, no matter if you have a professional camera, a camera phone  we can help you take the photographs of a lifetime. As we walk through the streets of Venice, we will discuss which settings and lenses to use, how to frame and compose various images, and how to use lighting to create a dramatic work of art.



Is a VENICE Photo Walk or A Photography Workshop Right For You?

We have an extensive experience with Professional Film and Digital DSLRs from Canon to Nikon, from Leica to Fujifilm or Sony!

Both options include a free 10-minute introduction to set up your equipment and discuss your goals.

Photo walks of 2 or 3 hours are an accessible, fun way to see Venice up close. We will guide you to the famous landmarks, but also help you navigate the more hidden parts of the city to truly experience its character. We will focus on using your photos to tell a story and create an atmosphere that captures the essence of your visit.

Photography workshops of 4 or 6 hours provide the same personal experience of Venice, but with a more intense focus on improving your photography skills. In addition to providing customized instruction and guidance on the technical aspects of photography, we will discuss and critique your images in the field and go over your portfolio to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Some photography workshops include digital darkroom and development instruction using Adobe Photoshop and Nik Software plug-ins. Each photography workshop is tailored to fit your skill level.  Can include:

  • Improve your photography skill mastering Exposure and Lighting
  • Focus zones and Focusing, Auto, Single and Tracking
  • Camera Modes: Auto, Speed/Aperture Priority, Manual… which one and when..
  • Flash and Fill Lighting, Exposure compensation and flash compensation
  • Composition and Cropping,
  • Long exposure
  • Panning

Venice Photo Walk and Workshop Packages

Classic Three-Hour Private Photo Walk - €300

This popular package is a great choice for one-on-one instruction and a more personalized experience. It begins at the latest at 7 AM except during the winter, when we start at 8 AM. I will meet you at your hotel or another landmark in the City Centre.

This tour includes:

  • Rialto Market
  • Major landmarks from Saint Mark's to the Arsenale
  • Views of reflections,  boats and canals
  • Hidden sights and off the beaten track routes

You can bring up to four people with or without cameras.  ( Two additional people can join for a cost of €50 each)

Extended Five-Hour Private Photo Walk  - €500

This extended private tour follows a similar route to the three-hour package, but allows more time to focus on photography instruction and critique, and to explore  amuch larger area. Due to the length, this walk is split up into early morning and late afternoon sessions during the summer.

In addition to the sights of the three-hour walk, the nonstop tour includes:

  • An optional visit to Murano and Burano
  • A coffee and croissants break
  • An authentic Venetian cicchetti lunch

Up to four people can attend, (with two additional spots available for €100 per person)

Light Two-Hour Private Photo Walk - €220

This tour takes you on a shorter version of the standard route while still seeing plenty of sights. You are welcome to bring a DSLR or use your smartphone or tablet. This tour only usually occurs in the late afternoon and on select days, most commonly during the summer. Only two people are permitted.


Dawn Twilight and Sunrise Workshop and Walk - €500

This new private package lets you experience the magic of Venice at dawn. We will spend two hours shooting twilight and sunrise while I provide personalized instruction. Once the sun has risen, we will tour the hidden routes and see the city waking up.

This tour includes:

  • Detailed instruction on long exposure, panning and filters
  • Breakfast
  • Four hours of instruction and touring

Up to four people may attend with or without cameras.

Long Exposure, filters, Panning  4h Workshop

In this workshop you will be taken through the journey required to generate beautiful black and white, as well as color, long exposure photographs. Anyone who has ever tried to use long exposure techniques will quickly recognize that it is not only a serious technical challenge, but also an emotional and visionary one. Where and how do you find suitable subjects, and what approach do you use to photograph them? What techniques do you employ to turn everyday subjects into stunning pieces of photographic art?

The price of €500 is for 4 hours private tour and you can be up to 2 people (with or without camera) Breakfast included.

6h Private Venice Photography Workshop  

Bespoke photography training tailored to your needs and skill level – includes theory and practical exercises.  From camera skills right through to file management and post-processing of images to bring out the very best in your photographs.  For aspiring professionals the course can also include marketing tips and how to get noticed in an increasingly busy marketplace.

The workshop is usually in the following format  [1] learning about the controls, [2] practising using the controls by taking photos around the city with me, and [3]  finally learning how to edit photos in post-production on the computer. Obviously are  custom made based on you and yours expectations.

The price of €900 is for 6 hours private tour and you can be up to 3 people (with or without camera). Extra persons, up to a maximum of 4 in total €150 per person

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