We offer two different tours with few options


This extended private tour follows a similar route to the three-hour package for the visit of Venice, and allows to discover another pearl of the Venetian Lagoon, a must-to-do: Burano island with its colorful houses.

This walk is split up into early morning and late afternoon sessions: during the morning session you will explore an empty Venice and its hidden spots, during the evening session you will explore Burano at sunset, where colours and atmosphere are magical.

A coffee and croissants break or a cicchetti stop

Up to four people can attend, The €500 is for the tour NOT per person

* The transfer to the Islands is by public transport (ACTV Waterbus) we recommend you get an ACTV Travel Card it exist in 24/48/72h can be bought at the main Water Bus Stops or online . Details here

(with two additional spots available for €100 per person)


  • Cost: 300Euro for 3h - 400Euro for 4h - 500Euro for 5h - 600Euro for 6h

  • Duration: The time stated is the time actually spent on the islands.  Travel time to and from will not  be calculated

Venice is a set of variegated and multiform islands, each of which has unique characteristics. We will let you discover Torcello, one of the oldest and most flourishing settlements in the lagoon, and Burano, the island of colors and laces, and place of generations of fishermen. On this trip you will learn how to improve your photos by developing your personal eye and your photographic personality, discovering beautiful island of Venice.

The photowalk is divided into two parts:

Part 1 - Burano and its colors

During the first part of the photowalk you will explore the island of Burano, the island of colors par excellence. The walking tour will allow you to learn the history of this magnificent place and discover the corners and the most picturesque views. During the route are provided stages where you will receive tips and tutorials to improve your skills in photography.

Part 2 - Torcello and its history

Torcello is an island that embraces a long history: from Roman settlement, fulcrum of Venetia et Histria Byzantine Empire, till bridge critical to the Venetian trade along with Burano and Mazzorbo. During this journey you will discover the historical and archaeological rarity of this place.

• 10 min FREE TIME for Camera check up if you need to set up the camera or to get our recommended settings for great pictures
• Improve your photography skill mastering Exposure and Lighting
• Focus zones and Focusing, Auto, Single and Tracking
• Camera Modes: Auto, Speed/Aperture Priority, Manual… which one and when..
• Flash and Fill Lighting, Exposure compensation and flash compensation
• Composition and Cropping,
• Take better photos and turn your photos into exciting stories that stands out
• Discover parts of Burano and Torcello less traveled by tourists
• Hear interesting tales and stories!

A one-to-one photo walk discovering two of the most beautiful island of the lagoon of Venice, while taking great shots and with a one-to-one tuition to improve your photography skills!

The tour is one-to-one so there will be just you, or accompanied by your family/friends.

The price is for a private tour and you can be up to 4 people (with or without camera). Extra persons, up to a maximum of 6 in total €50 per person

The above  hours are effective in Burano.  Travel time to and from Burano  will not  be calculated


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