Venice Photo Tour with Stefano

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Take an artistic approach to the real and hidden Venice with my private photo walk.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert photographer, you’ll find millions of opportunities for the perfect shot as you explore Venice’s picturesque canals, calli and campi.

I am a professional photographer and will guide you on a 3-hour walking tour of magnificent landmarks and hidden backstreets, giving you tips on lighting and composition along the way.

Bring your camera or smartphone and leave Venice with a beautiful, print-worthy images!


My Venice photo walks are different because they are a One-to-One experience, and I will be able to concentrate 100% on your photography needs to develop and enhance your skills, at your own pace.

The photo walk is structured to include known and lesser known areas of this magical city, iconic monuments or lovely corners away from the crowds. You will experience the real Venice of the venetians, and take great shots that capture its atmosphere. You will learn to tell a story through images..

Bring your camera and learn how to take better photographs and how to have more fun doing

Discover parts of Venice less traveled by tourists.

Hear interesting tales and stories

Take better photos

Create a story through images, documenting everyday happenings