Venice Private Photography Tour


Improve your photography with Simone  “Education to the eye” technique

I live and love Venice, and the whole Italy. I love photography, it is my vision of the world. And I like to teach photography to the people, and doing it in Venice is the best thing in the world. I know a lot of stories about history and legends of the magic city, so I created an innovative way to improve your photography, that I call “Education to the eye”. With me you will discover the real Venice, with its unusual and typical places, away from the crowds, and you will improve your photography with this innovative way that combine photography and psychology.

My 3 keywords are: discover, photograph and have fun. This is my tour.


Bring your camera and learn how to take better photographs and how to have more fun doing it.

• Discover parts of Venice less traveled by tourists.

• Hear interesting tales and stories

• Create a story through images, documenting everyday happenings

• Learn how to see to the world to take better photos;

• Learn some photographic tricks that could help you in different situations

• Discover how to use your personal camera, controlling it

• Learn how to communicate with images what you see and what you feel.

The goal of my tour is to let you discover the real Venice, and to take great photos of this wonderful city. I want to customize your tour, so that you can fully live your experience.

My personal goal is that you could discover the city as a reporter, so you will be able to take your pictures at your best controlling your camera at all, and in this way you could have fun doing it, that is the most important thing for me.

I am available for:

  • English - Italiano - Portuguese / Brazilian - Spanish

  • Photo Walks

  • Photography Workshops

  • Boat Photography Tour

  • Portraits