Venice Private Photography Tour


Improve your photography with Simone  “Education to the eye” technique

I live in Venice and I love my city.I love photography it is my vision of the world. And I like to teach photography, and doing it in Venice is the best thing in the world. I created an innovative way to improve your photography, combining photography and psychology, and my knowledge of the history and the legends of the magic city. I call it “Education to the eye”. With me you will discover the real Venice, with its unusual and typical places, away from the crowds, and you will enhance your photography skills.

My 3 keywords are: discover, photograph and have fun. This is my tour.


I have always liked to teach, and with my experience as teacher of Photovoice at University of Padua, I have developed a technique that combines photography and community psychology, aiming to transfer my knowledge as photographer and storyteller to those who wish to improve their photography skills.
My goal is to teach an approach to photography which will lead you to take better pictures not only in Venice, but also in your future travels.

Here just few feedbacks I received taken from our tripadvisor page:

Venice Photo Walk with Simone Padovani

I was very privileged to be in the company of such a knowledgeable photographer yesterday. Simone met me at my hotel as arranged at 6am, We then walked to St Marks and captured some fantastic sun rise shots. He then took me to places that only someone with years of experience in Venice would know. Not only did he know where to go, he also knew when to go to get just the right light. Simone also has a vast knowledge of the history and way of life in Venice. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone coming to Venice, whether you are a complete amateur or a professional just looking to find the right locations.

The highlight of our trip to Venice - and family friendly

This tour was recommended by family members who did it a few years ago. I'm so glad they recommended it because it was truly one of the highlights of our trip. Simone gave us a glimpse of Venice that most people will never see - back streets, private courtyards, tranquil campos. We chose this tour because our 12 year old son is very interested in photography. He borrowed his aunt's good camera and Simone took the time to explain the settings and how to use the camera and then spent the tour explaining how to craft a story while taking photos. His lessons has a lasting impact and were reflected in the pictures our son took over the course of our trip. While my husband and I weren't as interested in taking photos, Simone spent a lot of time discussing the history of Venice with us, the problems facing it, how tourists and the city can work together etc. It was truly a learning experience for the whole family. The smile on my son's face at the end of the day and the genuine compliments he received on his 410 photos that he took on the tour were worth every penny. I had been to Venice before but this tour was a completely new experience. I definitely recommend it for the experienced or the amateur photographer and their family/friends. Simone even worked with our schedule, meeting us at the train station as we arrived from Florence. While we missed the early light he still gave us an amazing experience.

New way to look at photography

We had a wonderful time with Simone. We wanted a tour to get to the secret unknown photogenic spots, but we got so much more! We were thought something we didn't know our photography was lacking, to tell a story with your pictures. And we got a wonderful tour of the city with a lot of background and interesting details. This tour was really worth the time and money spent!

Bring your camera and learn how to take better photographs and how to have more fun doing it.

  • Discover parts of Venice less traveled by tourists.

  • Hear interesting tales and stories

  • Create a story through images, documenting everyday happenings

  • Learn how to see to the world to take better photos;

  • Learn some photographic tricks that could help you in different situations

  • Discover how to use your personal camera, controlling it

  • Learn how to communicate with images what you see and what you feel.

The goal of my tour is to let you discover the real Venice, and to take great photos of this wonderful city. I want to customize your tour, so that you can fully live your experience.

My personal goal is that you could discover the city as a reporter, so you will be able to take your pictures at your best controlling your camera at all, and in this way you could have fun doing it, that is the most important thing for me.

I am available for:

English - Italiano - Portuguese / Brazilian - Spanish

  • Photo Walks

  • Photography Workshops

  • Boat Photography Tour

  • Portraits