Exclusive Portraits Photography in Venice

"Thank you so much for the fantastic photos, you have made us look fabulous. ........ It was a pleasure and a honour to meet a fellow photographer of such high caliber. We both enjoyed our photo shoot so much it has made our holiday. The stunning images you have sent us will be treasured for a lifetime."

"Marco you are amazing! Chris and I just saw the photos and we're laughing and crying. You were able to capture so many moments, not just images and portraits. Every photo tells such a deep story, I've never seen photos of us like this before.We are so honored to have worked with you and these images are beyond our expectations or wildest dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"He also took some beautiful portraits of us which we are fortunate to have! You know.. The Queen, Obama.. us.. that kinda thing!"

" We had a great time and our photographs are simply stunning. Marco is a Royal Photographer and he has so many portraits of the Royal Family and big celebrities in his portfolio, and it shows......

"Marco is simply a brilliant portrait photographer, he captured the essence of our celebration and you can see from the list of his clients that he is used to work for top names and celebs...."

"I cannot recommend his services more. Marco is  amazingly talented, thorough, dependable and wonderful to work with. He is passionate about photography and very knowledgeable of where the best shots are in Venice that we ended up with very special, meaningful and artist shots."

Portrait Sessions

With regular commissions from international papers and magazines, top agencies and business clients I have photographed many famous people, from senior members of the Royal Family to Actors, Writers, VIP and CEO and I am working exclusively as a professional photographer . My portraits are widely published on International Press and Books and are often used in International Museums and Galleries.

I create bespoke portrait photography for individuals, couple, children and family portraits, corporate and editorial portraiture, and intimate portraits.

I am pleased to offer few pricing options.  Please do not hesitate to ask to view a sample gallery of private portraits taken in Venice or London.


Portraits in Venice

Venice Visitor  90min Photo Session in Venice to bring back home perfect memories of you and your loved ones from one of the most beautiful places in the world. Few locations, approx 20 images €300

The Classic Venice 90min Photo Session in few locations PLUS 30min Gondola portraits, ideal for a couple or a family. The price is €450 Multiple Locations  You will receive about 30 edited images. Includes Gondola

For info and requests mail me here



Fine Art Venice Portraits

Individual or Couple. 1.5-2hr session starts at £500

Individual. Publicity, character, or concept shots start at £600

Family. Portrait sessions including one or two children start at £550

Family. Portrait sessions including three or more children or other members of family start at £600

Portrait session fees are for the photographer's time only and include 10 free images. Your package include digital downloads and a private gallery for one year at no extra cost.

Additional Photos or Prints may be purchased separately.

  • Single image Low resolution for web usage £ 5
  • Single image High Resolution £8
  • 10 fully edited color and black and white images, supplied at full resolution, on dvd/cd, within two weeks of your session. I will also include web-sized files for use on MySpace, Facebook or for emailing to friends and family. Cost of Disc or Transfer of images £50

  • 20  fully edited color and black and white images, supplied at full resolution, on dvd/cd, within two weeks of your session. I will also include web-sized files for use on MySpace, Facebook or for emailing to friends and family. A private gallery to display and show your images to your friends and family will be provided for one year,  Cost of Disc or Transfer of images  £100

After the photos are brought into the digital studio, they are immediately backed-up, and your client area on this website is created. You will receive an email any time between 2 and 7 days later depending on the nature of the shoot, with information about how to log on to your client area. You will receive a choice of normal, Photoshopped, retouched, Black and White  and sepia images .

The client area is private and not listed or can even be a password-protected portion of this website where you are able to view photographs, download the files and select the ones you require for printing. In some cases you may have all photos. If there is a limit to the number of photos you can have, the reason for this is that every photo undergoes detailed review and analysis according to quality standards, as well as 'post production' to ensure all images have the same look and feel in terms of the quality of their light. This can be a time-consuming process. Prints can be purchased directly  from a professional laboratory in your country (90% of the time) , printed at a very  high standard can be ordered by yourself or family and friends. The gallery will be available for one year and you will be able to give out the address.

Connoisseur Option for selected customer only. Using only Film or Digital and Medium Format Cameras to shoot high definition portraits with the traditional look and feel. Most of the best portrait photographers use either Medium Format or larger format cameras.  This simply relates to the quality of the image and the look of the image.  The shallower depth of field of lenses of equivalent focal length in these larger formats (an 80 mm lens is "normal" in MF and a 300-360 mm lens is "normal" in 8x10, versus a 50 mm lens for a full frame 35 mm DSLR), gives images a different look. The different look, combined with the additional smoothness and resolution versus the smaller cameras  yields better portraits.  There are plenty of reasons why Cartier Bresson used a Leica M camera, why Edward Weston used an 8x10 inch view camera and why Annie Leibowitz prefers Medium Format, just to name a few. Price strictly on application and based on project etc.

Please note that the Photographer retains full copyright at all times.

I never supply RAW images if you need them ask before and may be able to send few selected ones, Please ask to see Terms and Conditions.