Marco Secchi Photography Workshops in Venice

I created and launched the Venice Original Photo Walk in 2010 due to my love for the Serenissima” and to show my guests a different city. Venice off the beaten tracks, discovered and captured, with a professional photographer by your side  who wish to share the emotions of this wonderful place.

I am English speaking,  award winner professional photo reporter providing images for the news,  and editorial markets. My "regular" job is shooting News & Editorial Features and sometimes commercial lifestyle images  around the world with Getty Images. A lot of my images and prints are in private and public collec.ions.

My images appear on a regular basis in top newspaper and magazine from around the world.  Several books published have my images some with only my work other that include some of my pictures. Some of my images are in the permanent collections of few museums and have been shown in many exhibitions around the world. From Ljubljana to London from Venice to Dubrovnik from Saint Petersburg to Vienna. From one of my recent Black and White exhibition you can read here 

I have a very cool job!! I am lucky to work most of the time with some fantastic and fascinating people and super talented!

I think everyone has a remarkable story to tell. For sure real stories are more interesting than pretend ones. So my approach is fast, relaxed, casual and fun. I look for the moments “in-between“ because they tell the truth. I love energetic images taken in the bat of an eyelid.



This popular package is a great choice for one-on-one instruction and a more personalized experience. It begins at 7 AM except during the winter, when we start at 8 AM. I will meet you at your hotel or another landmark in the City Centre.

This tour includes:

  • Rialto Market

  • Major landmarks from Saint Mark's to the Arsenale

  • Views of reflections, boats and canals

  • Hidden sights and off the beaten track routes

You can bring up to four people with or without cameras. The €390 is for the tour NOT per person

 ( Two additional people can join for a cost of €50 each)


This tour takes you on a shorter version of the standard route while still seeing plenty of sights. You are welcome to bring a DSLR or use your smartphone or tablet. This tour only usually occurs in the late afternoon and on select days, most commonly during the summer. Only two people are permitted.

The €280 is for the tour (2people)  NOT per person


This new private package lets you experience the magic of Venice at dawn. We will spend two hours shooting twilight and sunrise while I provide personalized instruction. Once the sun has risen, we will tour the hidden routes and see the city waking up.

This tour includes:

  • Detailed instruction on long exposure, panning and filters

  • Breakfast

  • Four hours of instruction and touring

Up to four people may attend with or without cameras. The €600 is for the tour NOT per person


In this workshop you will be taken through the journey required to generate beautiful black and white, as well as color, long exposure photographs. Anyone who has ever tried to use long exposure techniques will quickly recognize that it is not only a serious technical challenge, but also an emotional and visionary one. Where and how do you find suitable subjects, and what approach do you use to photograph them? What techniques do you employ to turn everyday subjects into stunning pieces of photographic art?

Up to four people may attend with or without cameras. The €600 is for the tour NOT per person

1-2-1 2 full days  Black and White Masterclass

Autumn and Winter in Venice are the perfect time to train our eyes to view the world in a new way. From historic city architecture to fog and street photography, we’ll expand the way you envision your black and white images and inspire creative paths to explore this exciting medium.

Black and white photography still inspires and fascinates in the colorful world we live in today. This workshop will be an in depth exploration of the world of black and white photography. 

This workshop was designed to teach you the difference between a black & white and a colour photograph and to help you start seeing the world in black & white. Learn how to recognise a black & white scene and learn how different styles and camera settings can affect your image. Learn how to construct your image with the fundamentals of black & white photography, shape, form, texture and tone. The workshop will finish up with the tutor showing you how to create a “polished image” by helping you to get the most out of your digital darkroom. This is a classroom based workshop and is suitable for photographers who are already photographing on the manual side of their DSLR camera.

Whether it is a panorama, a portrait, or breaking news, there is always more than one way to approach a moment. Great inspiration can be had by looking at the historical images of the last century.  Before the idea of 5 frames per second became routine, there was the concept of one moment, one chance, one photograph. This is the picture which we will try and capture in this workshop. Learning to look beyond the obvious, to find those lurking moments which help create a special sense of place and time. Never stop looking. Never stop moving. Let your legs be your zoom lens. And when the moment comes, be ready for it. Whether with digital, Holga, Hasselblad, or a 50 year old Press Camera, be ready for the moment. The workshop will engage photographers on both a physical level - working with camera gear to be able to be totally comfortable with it, and on a more metaphysical level, working to make sure your view of the world is fresh, enlightening, and Now.


Repubblica published a photo gallery of  my images shot with Leica of Venice with fog and is here

From one of my recent Black and White exhibition you can read here 

On this photography workshop you will learn:

  • Basics of shooting in black & white

  • When & where to shoot in black & white

  • Construction of your image through shape, form, texture & tone

  • Different black & white styles

  • The role of filters in black & white photography

  • Techniques – Setting your camera up to shoot for black & white

  • Black & white toning – colour isolation – dodging & burning – contrast adjustments

  • Digital darkroom for black & white photography


This Black & White photography workshop includes:

  • 2 full days

  • Online access to workshop E-Notes

  • Sample Black & White images

  • Morning tea/coffee/lunch

Fees for the Private masterclass of 2 Full days - You can bring one extra person - Euro 1800


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