Photography Workshops wherever you are!!

 Have you ever walked on the streets and saw a moment that you wanted to capture, but you were too scared to take the photograph? Do you want to become more confident shooting in the streets and learn how to better interact with your subjects? Who is this photography workshop for??

These photography workshops have been designed specifically for people wanting to know the techniques, the approach and the workflow of Marco Secchi for people who desire to learn his style of shooting, composition, his post-production with Photoshop technique and his editorial and creative vision who made him appreciated and chosen by agencies like Getty Images and Corbis.  Marco’s images are chosen and published on a regular basis in newspapers, magazine and books around the world.



These workshops offers the opportunity to combine the exploring of a city or region with an artistic expression. The course is conducted in English, and is aimed depending on the workshop at people with or without experience in photography. Editorial, Travel, Street, Portrait, Landscape, Architectural ....Photography

From beginners level to advanced, to preparing and submitting a portfolio to a professional photo agency;  courses arefor those students who wish to further improve their creativity or gain a solid grounding in professional photography skills.

Subjects include the obvious

Basic and Intermediate DSLR Whether you have a brand new digital SLR or have had one for a while, this class will help you learn the controls that are common to all brands of these popular cameras. You will also learn more about general photography as it applies to exposure, flash use, lenses, etc. Don’t miss this foundational class that will give you the knowledge you need to explore specific areas of photography with your camera.

Advanced Digital SLR If you have a good basic understanding of photography but want to know how to use all the features and options of the camera in various real-life shooting situations, this class is for you. We will review the basics and then explore how to get the most out of your DSLR camera. We will also cover lenses, flashes, and other important accessories that you might want to plan for your camera system.

Rangefinder Familiarize novice to advanced photographers on the concepts and techniques specific to using rangefinder cameras and to guide the development of their visual style as they begin to incorporate the rangefinder system into their photography. Though the class will be heavily focused on the Leica M and Fuji X series of rangefinders, most of the techniques that will be discussed are applicable to many other makes of rangefinders.

Cameras While my favorite camera is Leica I  daily use  Fujifilm X and have been using for  long long time Nikon, Canon. Sony or Olympus

....but more importantly Travel, Portrait, Landscape, Street Photography, Lighting, Editorial, Creative and Commercial Photography, Getting confident in shooting people.

Portfolio preparation and submission.

Becoming a semi pro or pro photographer.

YOU choose your subjects and the time you like to spend on it. It is your workshop !  

You will be the one shooting not me….as often happen in some workshops…..!  In these few hours or  days we will have to concentrate a lot of work, and if you have chosen to attend my workshop you know already my photography (hopefully you like my photos) so no need to show them to you again! You will be at the center of the stage trying different techniques, composition, lighting etc etc.  



This is a digital only workshop. Students will need to know how to download their digital images to a folder each evening so that their day's work can be brought to class the next day on a flash drive, external hard drive, or CD for the daily review. Students will be encouraged to choose from the outset if they want to see their work in color or in black and white and they will be encouraged to stick to their choice of one or the other throughout the workshop.


Students may work with a DSLR camera, Mirrorless, or high-end point and shoot camera . Two bodies are great but not necessary with a minimum of at least one wide-angle lens, such as a 17-35mm zoom, or 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, or 50mm lens. In order to shoot comfortably in low light situations, it will be preferable that students have a wide-angle lens that is relatively fast and has a wide aperture such as 1.8, 2, or 2.8. Students should bring several memory cards extra batteries and necessary battery chargers. Your laptop should have image management software such as Adobe’s Bridge or Light Room or even better Photomechanic. Students should make sure to have a back-up system on which to download each day’s work. This can be an Ipad or your laptop, a portable external hard drive storage device, flash drive, CDs, or DVDs. You will need a means of getting your edited images into a folder for my review each day; flash drives are the most practical, but you can also use an external hard drive, CD, or DVD.  


For Private Workshops please do check with me my availability and the cost is

  • 6h Workshop €950
  • 8h Workshop €1200
  • 10h Workshop €1400



  • 6-8-10 Hours of learning from Twilight to Twilight to take your photographs from “so-so” to “WOOW, they are amazing!!!”
  • Morning Breakfast, Lunch,  Afternoon Tea* (* only the full day)
  • A digital workbook that covers the content of the workshop, with tips and extra projects you can complete in your own time to help further your photography skills.
  • Revision of your Portfolio to have it ready for submission