Leica Workshops and Photo Walk in Venice and Beyond

Please note I have NO Leica or Leica Akademie Affiliation,

I am probably the last person Leica tells about  a new camera/lens and they never invite me to try or test one of their equipment :-(  I have no relationship or ambassadorship whatsoever with them or anyvother brand,

I am simply an awards winner and regularly published photojournalist passionate about Leica but using different brands including Fujifilm, Nikon  and Sony so I can advise you FREELY  on what I think is in my view the best equipment for you to use!

My Leica Equipment includes

  • Leica M246 Monochrom
  • 2 x Leica M240
  • Leica M9
  • Leica Q
  • Few Vintage Film Leica M2 - M3 - M6

Looking for a great Leica shooting & learning experience? What can be better than discover the hidden and real Venice while shooting with a Leica M camera?? The Leica is the perfect companion being quiet, unobtrusive, light and small. 

Look no further My Leica workshop is probably what you are looking for to discover the real Venice.

I shoot news and editorial features for a vast selection of international newspapers as well as for Getty Images and Corbis. I use a Leica M240 and a Leica Monochrom M246 on a daily basis!


My goal is to increase the fun and enjoyment of photography, expand photography knowledge and bring the total Leica experience.

A Photo Gallery on Repubblica is here  about a foggy day in Venice - Italy

Whether you are an experienced Leica photographer or a novice, there is no better way to learn Leica.

My Leica Workshops take places in Venice, Milan, Siena, London, Ljubljana and Budapest

LEICA PRIVATE WORKSHOP - Work Hard Play Hard  -  €1200 for 6h for Enquiries please write me here personally